“Moments” is Martin’s first group Album recorded in the US that selects his most representative compositions from an entire Decade. It encloses a large spectrum of music created that engages his own particular style. With a natural approach he conveys a mix of technicality and emotions creating a particular sound and form. The main goal of the music is to express feelings and communicate them with the listener.

Latin American and “Rioplatense” rhythms, Rock- Pop melodies, Jazz improvisation, Classical compositional elements, and a sound-image relationship is found all over the music. Each song in “Moments” represents different experiences and events that are expressed in the music. With a variety of formats and different type of approaches to the compositions the music melts into a particular style.

Martin believes that knowing about the environment in which the compositions are created such as for who or why they are written are very important elements for the appreciation and the involvement of the listener.

Here is a brief description of each track.

1. Thousand Stories

“Thousand Stories” is a song that gives the start of the Album as a tribute to one of the first Band formation that Martin participated called “La Galponera Soul”. Since his teenage time and throughout more than ten years together many music was experienced and albums recorded. This song represents all of this great memories.

2. Eternal Inspiration

“Eternal Inspiration” is a piece of music dedicated to the enormous musical inspiration of Luis Alberto Spinetta. He was an Argentinian Composer of great importance. He is the creator of a revolutionary style of music with a special content that inspired many generations of musicians.

3. Candombe Barranqueiro

“Candombe Barranqueiro” is a song dedicated to a very special place, El Barranco (Turismo Rocha). “Candombe” is the name of a native rhythm from Uruguay made with three percussion drums ( and is representative of its culture. In this track this rhythm can be heard with its traditional native drums. This song was created in honor to a magic and unique place in Uruguay called “El Barranco” in Punta Rubia, Rocha - Uruguay.

4. Baba

“Baba” is a very special person that Martin got to know at a young age and that later on, either as a coincidence or true destiny will become part of his in-law family. She happened to be the Grandmother of who will become his wife. She always enjoyed listening to good music. This song is a gift to her and a musical representation of her believes. Her Yemanja religion and way of life inspired this Brazilian style song that represents her passion for music and joy for the arts.

5. Lento

“Lento” is the only piano solo piece. This is an improvisation created in the moment. I define this style approach as the language of your real self. An incredible mix of unconsciousness and reality that creates a unique environment giving birth to a song. Note by note a statement is conveyed, a feeling is expressed, and “Lento” is an example of this process.

6. Ephemeral

“Ephemeral" is the shortest piece of the Album. It was composed after receiving the news that a good friend musician from Uruguay, Benji Barreiro, was visiting the US for a few days. This was a unique opportunity to be able to record together on the Album. For this reason I composed this song and ended up becoming a representation of this beautiful friendship reunion.

7. La Plazuela

“La Plazuela” is the name of a Band that Martin formed part of which essentially consisted in “Flamenco” style. It was encouraging to learn this style and to live the experience of experimenting this music so special and challenging with a great group of friends. This song was composed as a tribute to this group and for that reason it was named after that. This is the oldest composition that form part of the Album.

8. Time Remembered

“Time Remembered” is a Jazz Standard composed by Bill Evans. In this arrangement Martin proposes an interesting combination between Melody and Harmony. This particular structure creates a sense of two different parts when is only one Melody that is played over two different chords progressions. It all develops over a progressive jazz-tango type of rhythm which concludes into a valley of music which is the home of improvisational expressions.

9. Para ti

“Para ti” is probably the most special and personal song of the Album since it was composed when he find out that he would become a Father for the first time. It is dedicated to his daughter Anna. The strong and deep melody with different voices in an orchestral fashion along with the Piano represent the beauty of this state and the expression of love trough the music.


Band: Martin Giorgieff: Piano,Voice, Percussion (Track 3) / Dani Danor: Drums / Jorge Bringas: Bass / Manuel A. Carro: Percussion / Scott Avidon: Alto sax, Soprano sax, Flute.

Special Guests: Jonathan Powel: Trumpet (Tracks 3, 8) / Sebastian Prada: Voice (Track 3) / Benji Barreiro: Tenor Sax (Track 6).

All songs composed, arranged and produced by Martin Giorgieff except Track 8 composed by Bill Evans and arranged by Martin Giorgieff.

Recorded at Lofish Recording Studio by Chris Gilroy (New York, March 2014) Additional Recordings: All voices and Percussion (track 3) recorded in Playa Larga Studio by Fernando Aponte (New York, October-November 2015) / Voice (track 3) recorded in Japijom Studio (Uruguay, December 2015) / Trumpet (track 3) recorded in Mighty Toad Recording Studio by Chris Gilroy (New York, January 2016) Mixing and Mastering at Playa Larga Studio by Fernando Aponte (New York, December 2015-March 2016) / Cover and Art Design by Sebastian Prada / Photography by Justin Seibert.

All rights reserved to Martin Giorgieff / Sheffa Music.