Piano Improvisations

Music is created somewhere in your brain and most of the time it is intervened by many factors before it is exposed in a performance or a recording. Factors such as knowledge (information), pre-establish arrangements, style, taste and personal judgment makes the artist take decisions defining the outcome of any piece of music. In an era of over- produced material where the goal is to emphasis in the result instead of in the initial idea, this project tries to establish the concept of the importance of music in its pure and original state.

A piece of music is created by a combination of instant decisions. The approach in this project is to let the inside determined the outcome of the music. This way it becomes a much more natural way of sharing your emotions. The music that it is produced takes charge on the different routes that this engages in, therefore defining your real identity.

The uniqueness of each person is expressed through the way you are and you behave. The same thing happens with music. Music represents what you are and when you express it freely it becomes a much more accurate picture of yourself. Improvisation is the vehicle in which the instant creation becomes the final print.

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