Piano Improvisations II

Martin Giorgieff · Piano Improvisations II

Every piece of music starts with an idea. Like in a conversation, or when you are telling a story, words follow one after another forming sentences which then become ideas. The same thing happens with music. Notes transition into phrases and then become songs. These notes are combined with each other engaging in different directions. As the music continues, phrases, melodic patterns, and harmonies are discovered and put into a musical form.

It is the intent to create a uniqueness on each song creating various motives that identifies and characterizes the composition. Sometimes the music follows the brain, sometimes the brain follows the music. This generates a fresh creation where there is a real interaction with and trough the instrument. The filters are off, and a natural group of creations are mixed together into an Album.


Recorded at Leshowitz Recital Hall, John J. Cali School of Music at Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA by Rob Davison (May 2023). Cover Picture by Martin Giorgieff/ Art Design by Sebastian Prada.

1 - Into the Horizon 12:16
2 - Floating 8:48
3 - Finalle 8:51
4 - Bachiana Lenta 5:57
5 - Monotonal 7:37
6 - Pop Vibe 6:40
7 - Crazy Machine 7:55

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